5 unknown facts about 'The Jayalalithaa'

1. Bathed in public as CM: 

During the 1992 Kumbh Mela, Jayalalithaa had a ritual bath in one of the ghats. This resulted in a sudden of rush people to who ran to visit the Prime Minister. Massive stampede happened and 50 people died.

2.The magical mother: 

Most people do not know that Jayalalithaa’s name features in the Guinness Book Of World Records. She hosted the “largest wedding banquet/reception” on 1995 for her foster son Sudhagaran. The ceremony was arranged on a ground acquiring a 50-acre ground in Chennai and saw attendance of over 1,50,000 guests.

3. Broke through a new trend in Tamil cinema: 

Jayalalithaa was the first Tamil actress to wear sleeveless and drench herself under an waterfall. Given the time and social trends, it was surely something courageous.

4. Unfinished love: 

It is said that during her acting career, she fell head over heels in love with actor Shoban Babu, who was already married. She was also caught watching him through binoculars once. However, the love saga found no completeness. Jayalalithaa never got married either.

5. She missed her own debut film!: 

Jayalalithaa debuted at an age as young as 15. Quite ironically, the Kannada film titled ‘Chinnada Gombe’ was an ‘Adults only’ film. As a result, she was unable to watch her own film in the theatre because she was not an adult! However, the film went on to become a blockbuster.
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