Ban on Rs 500 & 1000 notes….!!!!!!

Dear All,

All - who are tired of standing in a long queue for exchanging their 500 & 1000 notes,
All - Who are complaining of initial small hiccups, 
All - who are amidst of wedding celebrations,
All- who are stuck in harvesting, 
All-who are facing problem in vegetable shops,
All-who are getting irritated by long queues in petrol bunks, 
All-who are running out of 100 Rs notes and cursing the changed system,
All-who are unable to tolerate closed banks for two days,

Remember our mothers, who tolerated the intolerable pain to bring us to the world. But she smiled to face that pain because of the big good change.

So can’t we tolerate these small problems for a good change?  No “CHANGE” will happen easily. Changes are always painful but when we feel the pain, let’s remember our mothers who are the living examples.

A Story: Reciprocating to Mr. Rahul Gandhi’s reaction on this change.

The teacher put a small black dot in a corner of a white board and asked the students what they can see. Everybody said there is a black dot. The teacher again asked “anything else they can see there”? Students said “NO”

Then the teacher started explaining that how we generally think. Nobody could see the big white board; their tiny eyes successfully noticed the small black dot. This is called pessimism. Similarly our so called Heroes, Netas, Leaders could successfully find out the “DOT” but unable to find the huge white board. They are unable to realize the great impact of this change on our country but they are worried about common people waiting in long queues and the same is highlighted in the news paper.
Answer to our LEADERS’ CONCERN: Thanks for your concern, but we responsible Indians feel proud and happy to take this small pains. So you be carefree. Your comments on this change shows “WHAT YOU ARE” (Pessimist or Optimist)

Being responsible citizens we have understood the concept and trying to make others to understand. It’s time for you all not to misunderstand.

A responsible Indian


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